Do's & Don'ts in Relationships



  • Tell your partner what you feel;
  •  Focus on one issue at a time ;
  •  Sit down & talk or set a time to do this;
  •  Listen to what’s being said - don't interrupt;
  •  Be flexible and willing to change;
  •  Focus on solutions or compromise;
  •  Make good eye contact;
  •  Ask for what it is you want to change;
  •  Stay relaxed, breathe & take a break if needed.


  •  Pretend you don’t have something to say;
  •  Name call, scream or yell;
  •  Make nasty statements and walk away;
  •  Roll your eyes or make faces;
  •  Say “I don’t care," "so what,” or belittle or demean anyone;
  •  Stay stuck on the problems - instead, find solutions;
  •  Avoid the issues, change the topic or leave - if you're too heated to resolve things then set a specific time to talk when cooler heads can prevail;
  •  Make attacks on someone’s personality or other family members;
  •  Allow yourself to emotionally lose control - instead, say you're too upset to talk but set a specific time to return to the discussion/argument. 

© Joshua Kates, 2019