Client Testimonials



"I never thought I would be happy again. Thank you for your optimism and faith in me. I continue to use what you taught me in so many new ways. I remember when I first met you and told you I was hopeless, I really feel ready to cope with things on my own and I am enjoying life for the first time since I can remember."  M.H.

"I didn't think we could work together like this. We are using the skills you taught us every day. We're not perfect but we are learning to accept that more and more."  A.R.

"The paradigm of work you offer [Schema Therapy] has helped me more than anything I have ever experienced before."  K.P.

"The separation was one of the hardest things I've ever gone through. Thank you for getting us through it and back together with renewed perspective."  B.D.

"My anxiety is under control and I don't have to take Xanax anymore. I wish I had seen you sooner."  D.M.

"I have to thank you - I was sure we were headed for divorce. You got us to a much better place and we're okay here."  J.A.

"I was questioning everything in my life. I can't tell you how great it feels to know that my feelings are valid and that there are ways to make real changes."  N.C.   

"My husband and I did a complete 360. I don't even know what happened but everything turned around! We even went on an unplanned vacation. So thank you very much."  E.D.   

"I actually thought my marriage was over. I hadn't had a good conversation with my wife in years but after seeing you, we're on track for a new marriage together. I don't know how to thank you."  D.R.   

"I wasted a lot of time in my life trying other ways to improve myself - I'm so glad I finally met you. My work with you has made such a difference in my life."  N.D.   

"Your support and guidance have helped me more than I can ever say. I don't know how I would have gotten through the last few months. Now I feel like I can handle things. Thank you."  S.B.   

"Thank you for all your help. I never thought my husband would open up to a stranger. Thanks for helping him see how much better our marriage could be."  N.S.   

"I didn't think I was the kind of person who could do this but I feel really comfortable with you. This is really working for me."  T.V.   

"Learning about the different modes I go in and out of [Schema Therapy] helped me understand myself much better. The imagery sessions enable me to see where the ways I think, feel and behave come from. I really appreciate your care and patience in helping me improve myself. No one's ever been there for me like this."  J.F.   

"Skype worked great."  B.H.   

"The imagery work was amazing - I felt different right away. I never heard of Schema Therapy before. I wish I'd met you sooner. A.G   

"I really thought my marriage was over but somehow you reached my husband. I look forward to continuing our work together. Thank you."  L.R.   

"You made talking to someone about my problems very comfortable."  A.L.   

"I never saw myself as a person who needed help. But after working with you I think most people could get a lot out of seeing a good therapist."  J.T.   

"The deeper Schema Therapy work was a little scary at first but I feel so much better about myself and the way I deal with other people now."  R.R.   

"I can't believe that after one session I improved the way I interact with my family."  S.M.   

"After a couple of months I was starting to wonder how this was going to work out. But last week I made a choice I wouldn't have made a few months ago - I can't explain it but I just feel so much better about myself."  E.S.   

"I'm so glad you answered my Email on a Sunday - I didn't know what to do. My work with you has made such a difference in the way I cope with things. Thank you Josh."  W.T.   

"I was very skeptical when you gave me a bunch of papers to read. But after I did the exercises and with what you've been teaching me, I'm really amazed. My wife and son told me they totally saw a difference in me."  A.R.  


"As soon as I walked into your office and met you, I felt like I found someone who could really understand me. As hard as it was to do what I needed to, I am so thankful for the strength you helped me find in myself."  D.G . 

"Josh: Thank you for helping my 2 children cope with the loss of their father."  R.S.  


"I knew the relationship I was in wasn't working. Thank you for helping me get clearer and finding the strength to do what I instinctively knew I needed to do."  M.T.   

"After just our first session, I feel so hopeful. I'm using the materials and the skills you shared with me and I look forward to continuing our work together. Thank you so much."  C.P.   

"Thank you for seeing me so quickly. I appreciate your guidance, insight and support."  P.R.

"Things are MUCH BETTER in our marriage! We obviously made the right choice in therapists." A.R. & S.R.

"I have worked with other therapists but I have never achieved so much in such a short time as I have with you."  E.D.

"Your support has meant a lot to me."  S.B.

"I want to thank you. It has been so helpful working with you . . . I feel I have really good support."  R.K.

"I now see clearly that I am the only one who can control my life and make my decisions."  S.J.

"Thanks, your insights and advice are most helpful."  R.M.

"After working with you for just a few weeks, my husband and I are actually able to talk about what we want in our marriage - without ending up in a fight! Thank you!"  A.F.