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Therapy Methods - Joshua Kates

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Schema Therapy is deeper therapeutic work. It was initially developed for personality disorders, chronic depression, intense anxiety or when patients have failed to respond to other therapy techniques. ST is a method combining theory and techniques from existing therapies including CBT, DBT, Psychoanalytic Object Relations, Attachment Theory and Gestalt Therapy. I am a Advanced Certified Schema Therapist, Trainer and Supervisor and a full member of the International Society of Schema Therapy. 

You can download a "Client's Guide to Schema Therapy" HERE or,

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Cognitive Behavior Therapy is a short-term method of psychotherapy which can be applied to many behavioral, emotional and interpersonal problems. The emphasis is on how people interpret events ineffectively or unproductively. Through learning the core skills of CBT, you will challenge and change those faulty interpretations and learn skills to cope with the issues in your life. The use of CBT has grown tremendously since it evolved and there are hundreds of studies proving its effectiveness.   


Dialectical Behavior Therapy was developed by Marsha Linehan, Ph.D. It is a type of psychotherapy that combines behavioral science with concepts originating as far back as eastern religions. DBT is a recognized systematic treatment method. The core skills of DBT are focused on increasing one's awareness and ability to identify and manage pervasive patterns of maladaptive personality and behaviors. The success achieved and the positive feedback from clients who engage in DBT is significant. 


I integrate fundamentals of The Gottman Method with the other treatment modalities I use. Although there are many types of marriage counseling, I've found there is no "one size fits all" method for couples work. Each couple comes to counseling with their own specific challenges. However each partner brings their individual life experiences which may contribute to clashing with their partner's experiences. I find working through individual issues together builds stronger connections within a relationship. We will also work to understand dynamics from your family of origin and how those concepts affect your relationship. Problem resolution skills and improving communication skills are almost always part of couples work. For more malignant or longer standing problems like affairs, tragedy, trauma, losses, blended family issues or other complex matters, I don't believe any one model can fix it all. Please call me to arrange an initial session to evaluate your relationship needs. Contact me Here or call me at: (561) 693-8840.

Download "Client's Guide to Schema Therapy" Here

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